DaBaby Met With 9 HIV Awareness Orgs To Apologize For Insensitive Rolling Loud Comments

TSR Updatez: When the opportunity came knocking, DaBaby did not shy away from the chance to educate himself about HIV awareness following the fallout he experienced for his controversial Rolling Loud comments.

A number of HIV awareness organizations reached out to Baby after he made derogatory comments about people who live with HIV, in an effort to start a dialogue and educate him about why what he said was so problematic.

According to TMZ, DaBaby recently met with nine of those organizations to apologize and converse with people who are living with the virus.

People representing those organizations told TMZ DaBaby seemed “genuinely engaged” in addition to apologizing for what he called his inaccurate and hurtful comments about HIV.

Marnina Miller of the Southern AIDS Coalition thinks DaBaby is setting a positive example by displaying a willingness to attend the meeting and learn and grow from his experience.

Other orgs at the meeting included the Black AIDS Institute, GLAAD, Positive Women’s Network and Transinclusive Group, according to TMZ.

DaBaby continues to rebuild after losing out in a major way for the comments he made. If you need a refresher, here’s a clip of his Rolling Loud set:

After he began to trend online, DaBaby decided to address the backlash, which caused further fallout.

As multiple music festivals began pulling Baby off the bill, he turned around and offered a more cleaned up apology, though the damage had already been done.

Things seemed to be on the rebound, though, after Kanye West included DaBaby on his “Donda” album. 

It looks like things may continue in a positive direction for Baby following what sounds like a productive meeting. 

We’ll keep you posted.

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